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Guided Meditations and Self Inquiry

Sit back . . .    Relax . . .    Sit in a comfortable position . . .
Take a few minutes to connect to the Source of Being itself . . .
Experience the Peace and Quiet that is You . . .

You Tube Links are provided for devices that do not support flash animations.

Please choose a guided meditation below. You'll find a link back to the AHAM website at the bottom of the page.


Enjoy . . .   The Stillness You Naturally Are . . .

I AM centering process

I AM Meditation
Locate the stillness within you.

YouTube link - I AM Meditation


Breath Awareness Meditation
Breathe deep, relax and enjoy.

YouTube link - Breath Awareness

Self-Inquiry Experience Lotus

Self-Inquiry Experience
The presence of NOW.

YouTube link - Self-Inquiry Experience


If you would like to download and save the meditations (in SWF Flash format) for offline viewing on your computer you can do so with the links below. Right click on PC or control click on Mac and save the page (swf.file). Or simply click the link and save the page.

The SWF files may be viewed by opening them with any compatible browser application (Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Firefox, etc.)






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