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AHAM Telecommunications and free Call-In Guided Meditations


AHAM offers two calls on Sundays open to everyone . . .

Anyone who is interested in Self-Inquiry is invited to participate whether they’ve ever taken an AHAM program or not! Tell Your Friends!

Sunday Morning Interlude Call

AHAM invites you to an introduction to both Self-Inquiry and the teaching of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi that is different every week.

Phone: (267) 507-0420, Access code: 482 3766#
Call begins at 10am (ET). Please call in 5-10 minutes early.

Please email or call ahead so we can acknowledge your presence during the roll call which begins at 10 AM Sharp (Eastern Time) every Sunday morning. Please email or call us at (336) 381-3988 to be added to the roll call.

Please consider receiving our Daily Message for Transforming the Mind via email.

AHAM Interlude (meditation only) with Linda

AHAM Interlude with Stan

Join us at the AHAM Center in Asheboro Sunday Mornings for fellowship, meditation and the Interlude call, then stay for laughter, love and a delicious pot-luck lunch.
Read more and see photos. . .

Sunday Evening Wake-Up Call

AHAM invites you to a guided meditation presented by trained facilitators who are experienced Buddies and Sponsors.

No reservations or qualifications are required for the Sunday Evening Wake-Up Call. The call begins at 7:30 PM Sharp Eastern Time Every Sunday Evening. Please call in 5-10 minutes early to be welcomed by the facilitator and remain for the entire one hour call. Call the Teleconference Phone Number: (267) 507-0420. Passcode:482 3766# (pound sign). Read more . . .


Teleconference calls for AHAM Meditation Program Graduates


AHAM graduates live around the world and love to come together in Conscious Community by telephone conferencing. Graduates of the Intensive Self-Inquiry Training (and beyond) come together on Tuesday evenings and graduates of the Neutralizing Your Negative Past (and beyond) come together on Friday evenings.  Weekly calls offer tremendous support in making our spiritual practice the basis of daily life; supporting friendships across the miles with people who share the same spiritual path.


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