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Over the years, AHAM has attracted people from all faiths, cultures and varying walks of life into our Conscious Curriculum. Many of those who have chosen to get involved in AHAM as a Conscious Community have made a commitment to “Living Free!” and are actively involved in AHAM’s mission and purpose of bringing this very important teaching and spiritual practice to the entire world.


If the mind is happy, not only the body but the whole world will be happy. So one must find out how to become happy oneself. Wanting to transform the world without discovering one's true self is like trying to cover the whole world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes.

— Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi


Join us Sunday Mornings fellowship, meditation and Interlude then stay for laughter, love and a delicious pot-luck lunch. Read more and see photos. . .


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